David Harries L.M.T. LLC Lic # 20179
Intuitive Healing Hands Massage lic# 20179

About the Practitioner

David Harries

License Massage Therapist in Oregon

License # 20179


Healing Arts Institute (Citrus Heights, CA)

 LLC  "Lane Community College" (Eugene, OR)

James Waslaki Orthopedic Massage "The Center for Pain Management" 

 Pain is a ruthless taskmaster, and has no respect of age or position.  Life in pain is a life of bondage that demands submission to its dictations.  Pains wears on our emotions, relationships, careers, and finances.  I have personal experience with my old friend pain for over a twenty year span and have been set free by the touch of massage.

My goal is to help those who are aquainted with pain, to break that relationship and become a free person - free from the bondage of pain. 

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