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Massage therapists I’ve seen in the past have been great at reducing my overall stress but David works at a different level.  He’s been skillful and intuitive, finding and addressing root causes, working through many constellations of old trigger points, old adhesions, the precursors to what would have, in future, been a frozen shoulder…  Muscles that have, for a long time, felt like rocks and sticks are regaining and retaining pliability.  My range of motion and freedom of movement are increasing as my pain is decreasing.  

In my latest session with him he worked a group of muscles that usually are excruciatingly painful to the touch, but because of a few stretches he did beforehand, it actually felt good.  

I’d begun to feel as if many of these issues were unavoidable decline due to the aging process.  Imagine how glad I am that so much of it can be effectively treated. 

Although my medical and therapy providers are usually women, I feel safe with David and appreciate his empathy and concern for my wellbeing. 

               Rebecca Hill


June 27, 2015

 Having had my 2nd massage therapy session relating to a recurring issue with bursitis in my large toe, I just have to share that the therapist – David Harries – has made the literal difference between my running and not running.

 Having injured the toe many years ago, the reality of getting older and maintaining a running schedule since that time had finally taken it’s inevitable toll: running was basically reduced to a walk and jog experience. That change was not what I had envisioned for myself during the aging process. I’m still healthy and at the same weight as my college days, so severely decreasing my “running for pleasure” was not an option I preferred.

 David has been able to begin “breaking-down” the bursitis in my toe and as a result, I’m now able to continue ‘jogging’ with increased running segments.

 Compared to my pre-massage status, running slowly for now but becoming increasingly more comfortable is a major improvement.

 Please understand that I’m not a competitive runner and never really had been. Sure, I liked running the occasional 5-Ks and even did a half-marathon just to see what it was like. However, for me, it was just fun to run and to stay in pretty healthy shape at the same time.

 Now being able to run basically with minimal discomfort in the foot area has been one of the most positive and significant events as I’m becoming way closer to 70 than 60.

 If you have the opportunity to visit with David for a review of your overall health needs and a therapeutic massage, you’ll find it an absolutely worthwhile experience.

 Thanks from an older but not done yet runner.

               Tom Endersby


June 22, 2015 

I have been to quite a few massage therapists in the last 30 years.  At no time have I come across the unique gifted skills of someone like David.  I came in with some acute challenges and have seen great improvement.  If you are looking for something more than the norm I encourage you to talk with David.
                         Don G


 I have searched for years to find someone to provide neck pain relief and get to the bottom of my injury.  Finally I was blessed to find David Harries.  He has the God given talent to know how the body works and how to fix it.  His approach is from an orthopedic standpoint.  You present symptoms, he knows the cause.  He is very professional.  His massage room is very peaceful.  If you are in pain and have thought there is no hope, David is your answer.  Run, now!  You will never regret your decision to be well again with David in your life.    

                       -Carrie B

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